Week 6: Biotechnology + Art

This week’s lecture truly exemplifies how art and science are interconnected. In her lecture, Vesna discusses the collaboration of art and science as artists have entered laboratories to create work with and in response to biotechnology. Artists have always had a fascination with science as many explore scientific processes, anatomy, and other aspects essential to life. Working on the cell level, artists and scientist collaborate to develop works that will enhance human understanding, giving people the ability to expand their experience of the world and make them aware of the beauty in science. Artist’s use of biotechnology communicates the idea that science itself can be considered art as they bring the experiments from the private labs of experts to public spaces. The installations and other works of biotechnology that artist put on display allow people to take the objective experiment and interpret it in their own ways, enabling people to create their own connection of art and science. Besides the art world, biotechnology is also seen in popular culture through film, television shows, and novels.  The film GATTACA, for example, is a great movie that discusses the role of biotechnology in society as it brings up the idea of genetic technologies and human enhancement.
Overall, though the advancements in biotechnology can be seen as great strides for mankind, it is also controversial as our desire to manipulate the human genome can undermine nature itself and the role of natural selection.

The first image is from the movie Gattaca while the other two show the idea of transhumanism (last one is from a web series).

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